Friday, January 12, 2007

college football redux

Don't you just love when there is a weeks long argument over whether Ohio State should play Michigan or USC . . . and they then lose to Florida by four touchdowns? You can say what you want about the injury to Ted Ginn, but the fact is that OSU was manhandled by the Gators; it is astonishing, in retrospect, that they were ever regarded as the favorites. Any doubts that the SEC is the strongest football conference should pretty well have vanished by now.

Although Florida won fair and square, one has to wonder about a system that makes the purportive national championship dependent upon a game played six weeks after one of the teams has ended its season. Indeed, if USC had beaten UCLA, Florida would not even have been playing. The increasing absurdity of the BCS system--not to mention lower-and-lower TV ratings--make a genuine tournament all the more a priority.


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