Tuesday, March 11, 2008

eliot spitzer

I have a passing acquaintance with Eliot Spitzer, who is a friend of a portion of my family, although I have never been a political admirer. Certainly I don't condone his behavior, and it may well be that he will have to resign. But there is something unseemly about the glee many are expressing over his fall, including some who probably voted for him before (he was elected overwhelmingly two years ago).

One has to wonder about the effect of these scandals, as well. One effect is that New York State will likely be handed over to a Lieutenant Governor (David Paterson) who, while able and admirable, was not elected Governor and has no obvious political constituency. It must be remembered that, while the country was occupied with the similar Clinton scandals, Al Qaeda was plotting the Twin Towers attacks.

One has to wonder also about the fickleness of popular opinion. In medieval Rome, the bodies of dead Popes were dragged through the streets by mobs, who reveled at the chance to disgrace that which was no longer holy. We like to think of ourselves as more civilized, decent . . . and, most of all, forgiving. But are we?


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