Thursday, August 28, 2008

democrats third night

A further improvement but still weirdly unfocused. Bill Clinton very good, makes the case for a Democratic president clearly and forcefully, why can't anyone else do this? Maybe he can talk to poor people because he's the last Democratic candidatewho actually was one.

Biden OK on substance but too shrill. And how many times are we going to hear how all of the Democrats are McCain's friends? If they're all friendlier with McCain than Obama, why don't they vote for him?

The bottom line is it all rides on tonight's speech. The change of venue will either look brilliant, highlighting Obama's populist claims, or backfire, making him look still more of a celebrity without any real substance. Perhaps that's the reason he staged the "surprise" drop-by late last night. He looked just a little bit like a guest at somebody else's party. Was he?


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