Thursday, April 23, 2009

the us news ratings (a special report)

I have at times taken a dismal view of law school ratings, US News in particular. However, I do not want it said they I lack enthusiasm for my own school. Therefore I wish to note with pride the following:

1. Rutgers-Camden is, according to the new survey, the leading law school in New Jersey. It is true Seton Hall is tied with us and comes below us only because "R" precedes "S" in the alphabet (Rutgers-Newark is a few paces back). But that is their own fault: there are plenty of saints with names beginning early in the alphabet; if they didn't choose one, are we really to blame?

2. Rutgers-Camden is, by my highly inexact calculation, one of the top five public law schools in the northeast, the others being Connecticut and the Pa. trio of Pitt, Temple, and Penn State, none of whom are far ahead of us. Maryland was a slave state and hence does not qualify. Cornell charges $40,000 a year and is thus disqualified even if it is a land-grant institution.

3. Rutgers-Camden has the only faculty member who teaches tax, ran for Congress, and can translate a sentence from Hebrew to Italian [although Temple has one who can translate from Mandarin Chinese.]

I welcome comments suggesting other measures by which we, or I, are in the top ten (five, one) in the nation.


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