Wednesday, October 28, 2009

top 40 here we come

A new survey, by the Princeton Review, puts my home law school (Rutgers-Camden) in the top 40 nationwide. The survey is admittedly less than scientific--I think it placed Cardozo over Yale--and it requires an amalgamation of individual categories to reach an overall score. On the other hand, unlike the prevailing US News Survey, it appears to have emphasized results rather than money spent chasing them. For example, the survey asked reasonable questions like "how often do you see your professors" and "what do you learn from them;" when students at ranking law schools predictably answered "never" and "not much," the rankings fell accordingly. As readers know, I don't think much of the whole survey business: but it's nice to have at least one on your side.


At 6:27 PM, Anonymous Rena said...

I generally disapprove of Princeton Review's methodology - they take non-scientific polls and then make the assumption that the responses they get are representative of all students. US News, on the other hand, is very structural (GPA, Student-Faculty ratio, etc.), and they may not focus on the structural element's strength. I typically recommend to schools that I'm working with to put together their own profile which highlights what THEY want to emphasize. It's all about communication - you do have a way to communicate with your prospective students. You just need to think through what that is and how it is different from what they see in the rags. All that said, I'm happy you made it into the Top 40, if that makes you happy!


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