Monday, September 01, 2008

the palin pregnancy/republicans first night

Well a lot of gloating from Democrats over the Palin pregnancy, one of the few intelligent posts by George Lakoff at Huffington Post who notes that elections are largely about metaphors and Palin will probably be a stronger candidate than people think (not entirely clear when he wrote it). What I find most interesting is the irony. The Democrats, who are supposedly the party of the working class, have nominated two elitist snobs with elitist children who have elitist names and behave in elitist ways. The Republicans, who are supposedly the party of the elite, have nominated a working class woman with big hair and a jock husband and a pregnant teenage daughter. This may or may not make you a good candidate, but it's certainly a lot closer to the average American in 2008 than any of the other three candidates, and I suspect there'll be more support/sympathy than most observers suspect.

Not much to report about the GOP convention, postponed on account of bad weather . . . in Louisiana. Am I the only one who thinks this is an overreaction? Let's hope the storm clears and the show goes on tomorrow.


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