Sunday, November 01, 2009

phils and yanks: on to game four

Well the Phillies either win tonight or they're--should I say we're--in big trouble. I think they will, but they will have to up the level of their game, and intensity, considerably in order to do so. Oddly enough the Yankees, they of the $300 million payroll, are playing like they want it more than our home-town, working class heroes. Throughout the last few seasons the Phillies have played best when their backs were to the wall. They're not quite there, but they're close, let's hope they don't wait until it's too late.

On the subject of intensity: I don't have anything against Cliff Lee needing four days rest, but I can't help noting how things have changed. When I was a kid, Sandy Koufax pitched Game Seven on TWO days rest, and won. On the other hand, the Orioles beat him twice in one World Series, so no one--not Sabathia, not Burnett-- no one is unbeatable. A lesson the Phillies should remember in the big game tonight . . . and tomorrow.

Addendum: a friend points out that Koufax lost only once to the Orioles and Don Drysdale twice; also that three errors in one inning by Willie Davis were largely at fault. I think both Koufax and Drysdale pitched on two days rest on various occasions. Too late for the Phillies, anyway.


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